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Legendary Lighting is Green!

The environmentally conscious GREEN movement is currently all the rage in the building and remodeling industry.  Legendary Lighting and its sister company, Copper Sculptures ( are pleased to announce that they have always been and still are building GREEN friendly lanterns and mailboxes.

The first three points concerning natural gas and natural gas lighting were taken from the AGA Naturally Green Natural Gas Home Program.

  • Natural Gas is naturally environmentally friendly.Beyond carbon dioxide emissions, direct use of natural gas holds distinct environmental advantages in reduced production of other air pollutants (oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, and particulates), reduced solid waste and wastewater pollution at the point of production, and reduced land use disruption.  The primary products of gas combustion are water and carbon dioxide, which are identical to what humans exhale.
  • Natural Gas significantly reduces a home’s carbon footprint.With natural gas appliances, the homeowner ensures dependable and convenient home comfort while decreasing the home’s carbon footprint as 90% of the energy produced as natural gas is delivered to consumers’ natural gas appliances.  Only about a third of the energy provided for electric generation is delivered to consumers.  As a result, much more carbon dioxide is produced in running electrical appliance than for natural gas.
  • Natural Gas lighting contributes to Naturally Green Natural Gas Home Certification.Builders and remodelers receive two (2) certification points per lantern for the use of manual control natural gas lighting and four (4) certification points per lantern for the use of electronic ignition natural gas lighting.  These certification points are integral in achieving the Bronze, Silver or Gold Naturally Green Natural Gas Home Certification.

Electronic Ignition is available on all Legendary Lighting and Copper Sculptures natural gas and propane lanterns.

  • Natural Gas Electronic Ignition lanterns boost a home’s energy efficiency compared to manually controlled gas lanterns. 

    Although subject to consumers’ personal use, natural gas lanterns equipped with electronic ignition can reduce burn time from 24 hours a day to 4-6 hours a day thus reducing the home’s energy consumption leading to lower utility bills.

The following point concerning copper as environmentally friendly was taken from

  • Copper is 100% recyclable.

    Copper — a naturally occurring element — is one of the most recycled and recyclable of metals.  In fact, copper is 100 percent recyclable.  Since 1864, about 66% (78.4 million tons) of all primary copper consumed in the United States has been returned and reused as scrap.

Legendary Lighting and Copper Sculptures actively return all scrap copper to be recycled and reused.





100% recycled corrugated cardboard boxes are used for all shipments of Copper Sculptures and Legendary Lighting product.


Compact Fluorescent and HID electric bulbs are available for most Legendary Lighting and Copper Sculptures electric fixtures.