Apollo of ancient legend was the guardian of light, grace and poetry. The graceful design and ambiance of light, created by the Apollo series from Legendary Lighting gas lanterns offers the enchantment of the mythical past to the home of today.

Apollo Copper Gas/Electric Lantern

It is said that Apollo was the ancient god who ruled over the arts, light and truth. The Apollo series from Legendary Lighting emulates these attributes with a design that parallels the endurance of the sun, expanding into the sky. This unique, clean design and our signature warming maple leaf flame, make the Apollo a beautiful addition that adds strength and beauty, filling a space that demands attention.

The hearty, six-sided, domed design of the Apollo brings the artistry of ancient times to today’s modern residential and commercial lighting spaces: its wide design helps to fill even the most extensive spaces. Complementing cross gabled roof lines, the Apollo also pairs perfectly with any oculus or transom architectural element, as well as broad columns and arched structural openings. The Apollo is a perfect complement to circular structures, yet its versatility allows it to leave an impression in any area.

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