Atlas of ancient legend held up the earth. Strength and endurance were his qualities. The Atlas series from Legendary Lighting gas lanterns is handcrafted with the lasting endurance of copper and the strength of timeless design.

Atlas Copper Gas/Electric Lantern

In ancient legend, it was Atlas who held the sky; strength and endurance were his most noted qualities. Legendary Lighting’s Atlas series is much like that of the ancient myth: With its antique lantern appeal and exquisite copper design, no matter the setting, the Atlas is sure to hold the night sky.

The Atlas is our most traditional copper gas lantern design, bringing with it a timeless essence to any architectural style it adorns. Granted the Atlas Lantern collection is well suited for any style architecture, it eloquently complements hip, shed and gabled roof lines. Often times referred to as a gas carriage light, the four-sided Atlas is a copper gas lantern that is a classic, timeless addition to any doorway, porte-cochere, or walkway; and being available with the flush mounted copper wall box, the Atlas can also combine traditional character with contemporary lines.

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