Blending the lines between geometric precision while still embracing organic movement, the Oracle from Legendary Lighting allows one to portray a modern feel while remaining in a natural, chic state.

Oracle Contemporary Copper Gas Lantern

In classical antiquity, the Oracle was one who foretold insightful premonitions derived from the gods; Seekers would travel for miles to find answers to life’s questions. The Oracle from Legendary Lighting gas lanterns is similar to the folktale in that it brings about a vision – one of innovative design that emphasizes clean, minimalist composition but still bestows ambiance and sophistication. 

The clean, sleek lines of the Oracle bring forth a modern appeal, but with our signature, maple leaf open flame and impeccable design, it remains a trademark of sophistication and intention. The Oracle series seamlessly embellishes it’s natural surroundings with less width as it’s strong, linear lines compliment tight spaces well. The Oracle contemporary gas lantern is a refined addition to any space: between garage openings, narrow doorways, gateways, hanging in a porch or framing a pool or outdoor kitchen. Its innovative design and linear composition generates an air of classically chic, yet remains an ambient lighting adornment. The Oracle’s modern style gas lantern emphasizes structures with ample windows and open floor plans; perfecting mid-century modern lighting and today’s most modern residential and commercial areas.

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