About Us

At Legendary Lighting we strive to bring the public an exceptional copper gas lighting product that will not only meet the needs of traditional or contemporary lighting architecture but surpass quality copper lighting and gas lantern design standards while remaining economically feasible. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal and we have fulfilled this by creating a copper gas lantern product that combines the artistry of fine craftsmanship with an innovative production process to bring forward an adequately priced copper gas lighting product without sacrificing excellence.

Established in 1999 when company founders and CEOs Bill and Kathy Shook realized the demand for gas lanterns was far exceeding the production capabilities of the highly customized, hand-welded specialties of sister company Copper Sculptures, Inc., Legendary Lighting began working on creating a cost-effective, high quality, UL certified copper gas lantern.
Having been in the gas lantern industry since the mid-1980s with Copper Sculptures, Inc., the Shooks had the tested and proven craftsmanship, technology and experience to bring to market a relevant and ageless product that was of the highest quality, readily available and adhered to the strictest safety regulations. With careful research and knowledgeable experience of gas and electric copper lanterns, Legendary Lighting took classic Copper Sculptures, Inc. designs and renovated them to create a full line of four unique collections. Each collection carries its’ own air that helps to bring  timeless ambiance lighting to any project while fulfilling the demand for a quick turn-around time, cost efficient, high quality copper gas lantern product.

For highly customized pieces, please visit our sister company’s website Copper Sculptures, Inc. at www.CopperSculptures.com.


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