Why You Should Choose Copper Lighting

In the vast world of lighting solutions, copper stands out as a stellar choice for both interior and exterior lighting. Copper lanterns add warmth and timeless character to any space. If you’re in the market for a lighting option that delivers durability along with style and expert craftsmanship, Legendary Lighting copper lanterns are a clear choice. We’re here to shed some light on why copper is the premier material for our American-made handcrafted copper gas and electric lighting and why Legendary Lighting fixtures are the ideal solution for your lighting needs.


Benefits of Copper Lighting

Copper is a beacon of excellence in the lighting world due to its many benefits for homeowners and commercial property owners alike.

Aged Elegance: Over time, copper develops a natural, rich patina that adds character and a timeless quality to copper lighting. Some light owners leave the natural patina for the classic copper look, while others prefer a gleaming, bright copper tone. Both are available with Legendary Lighting. We offer patina finishes as well as tips on how to maintain your original copper sheen.

Versatile Designs: Copper lighting is malleable and Legendary Lighting offers classic, modern, traditional, rustic, and whimsical designs (to name a few). Copper lighting complements a variety of aesthetics and its warm glow makes it a consistent favorite in the world of lighting solutions.

Durability & Longevity: If you’re looking for lighting that can withstand the elements and the test of time whether it is indoors or outdoors, copper should be your first choice. It resists corrosion, excessive rain, and extreme heat. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance, making it a favorite amongst homeowners. 

Electric and Gas Options: Another advantage of copper lighting is its ability to offer the classic charm of gas fixtures or the modern convenience of electric lighting. Legendary Lightning offers both gas and electric copper lanterns. Our gas lanterns can be easily affixed with a quick ignition option and wind guard so that you won’t have to worry about fighting to light your lantern or maintain the flame. 


Best Copper Light Fixtures on Sale 

When it’s time to add that perfect finishing touch to any area in your home or garden, browse Legendary Lighting’s online store, where you’ll find a wide range of lighting selections. 

A few of our interior gas and electric copper lighting choices include:

  • copper semi flush ceiling light
  • copper pendant light fixtures
  • copper pendant lamp
  • copper ceiling light fixture
  • copper wall sconce indoor
  • copper wall lantern

We also offer an extensive selection of exterior copper light fixtures:

  • modern copper outdoor lighting
  • copper outdoor hanging lantern
  • copper outdoor wall sconce
  • raw copper outdoor lighting
  • copper exterior wall lights
  • copper post light

When you choose copper lighting from Legendary Lighting, you’re selecting artistry and timeless beauty along with function. We are proud to have our lanterns adorn homes, neighborhoods, shopping malls, and commercial buildings across the United States. All our copper lanterns are custom-made and American handcrafted, so our copper fixtures stand out in the world of lighting design. Browse our online sale of copper lanterns today! 


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