Neighborhood Gas & Electric Lanterns

Have you ever noticed the difference between a well-lit neighborhood or commercial property and one that lacks proper lighting? Exterior gas or electric lanterns can add just the right touch of ambiance to a neighborhood. Copper lanterns that adorn the entrance of a neighborhood or commercial property and are placed at regular intervals down walkways offer a warm, welcoming glow. Ultimately, proper lighting can make a huge difference in how safe and inviting your neighborhood or commercial property feels. Neighborhood and property lighting promotes night safety for pedestrians, cyclists, residents, and drivers. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety because gas and electric copper lanterns from Legendary Lighting deliver on both pleasing aesthetics and proper neighborhood lighting.


Gas & Electric Lanterns for Commercial Applications & Neighborhoods 

Gas Lanterns for Commercial Properties and Neighborhoods

Gas lanterns offer a warmth that is sure to turn heads and evoke a feeling of comfort. They have been used as lighting fixtures for centuries and bring a timeless elegance to any outdoor area. Using exterior gas lantern stands along streets and down pathways offer a superior method of lighting an outdoor area with class. Using gas lanterns from Legendary Lighting on your business or in your neighborhood means you’ll receive a product with superior craftsmanship that stands out from other exterior lighting solutions on the market. We offer a wide range of styles from rustic to traditional or whimsical, sure to complement any existing aesthetic needed. We also offer several mounting styles such as wall mount gas lanterns, copper lantern stands, hanging models, and more. All our outdoor copper gas lanterns are made with solid copper construction that will last for years to come and provide plenty of light for any area.

Exterior Electric Copper Lanterns

Electric lanterns are ideal if you want something with more modern convenience that still offers an element of classic charm. Outdoor electric lanterns from Legendary Lighting are made with heavy-duty, American-made copper, so they are incredibly durable and built to last through any weather conditions. Our three-wick technology ensures that you’ll have bright lighting that illuminates your property or neighborhood effortlessly and affordably.

Benefits of Lanterns for Neighborhoods & Business Properties

Having proper lighting in a neighborhood or commercial property is important for many reasons. Outdoor gas lanterns or electric exterior lighting can help create a sense of safety and security, improve visibility at night, and even add to the aesthetic qualities of an area. When it comes to choosing lighting fixtures, gas and electric copper lanterns from Legendary Lighting are some of the best options available on the market today.

Exterior Lighting Solutions from Legendary Lighting

Outdoor copper lanterns from Legendary Lighting are an ideal choice when it comes to illuminating neighborhoods or business properties because they provide an attractive aesthetic appeal while still offering durability and energy efficiency. If you’re looking for a reliable source of light that won’t break the bank when it comes to electricity bills, then look no further than our stylish gas or electric copper lanterns from Legendary Lighting. We truly have something for everyone!

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