Natural Gas Lantern Repair

The ambiance created by natural gas lanterns is truly unrivaled. They cast a warm, flickering glow that sets a relaxed tone in any setting. Thank you for your purchase of a Legendary Lighting copper gas lantern – we’re thrilled to provide you with an American handcrafted masterpiece. Legendary Lighting’s copper gas lighting solutions set the bar of excellence, combining beautiful form and function all in one lantern. To keep your lantern in top-performing condition and to ensure a steady, stable flame, there are a few quick DIY steps you can take to clean and repair a natural gas lantern.


Tips for Copper Gas Lantern Repair 

Always start repairs or maintenance by turning off the gas supply. To do this on a manually lit lantern, simply open the door, turn off the flame, and allow the lantern to cool. Lanterns equipped with electronic ignition can be turned off at the light switch and unplugged. 

Cleaning and Repairing Clogged or Dirty Gas Lamp Burners

Occasionally, your flame may seem to lose its shape or you may experience ignition issues, affecting the performance of the lantern. This may occur after cleaning the glass or due to sulfur build-up or debris blocking the tip. To correct this, start by turning off the gas and allowing the lantern to cool. Place dental floss inside the slit at the tip of the burner and move it in a back-and-forth motion. This will clean the tip and remove any debris that may distort the flame. 

If the lantern is designed to burn propane gas, clogged air intake holes may cause the propane burner to burn improperly causing soot to form on the glass and burner tip. This means the best repair step is to clean out the burner air intake holes. Air intake holes are located on the side of the burner stem near the bottom. A pipe cleaner or a can of compressed air can be used to perform this routine maintenance on propane fixtures. Using a pipe cleaner, push the pipe cleaner through the burner tip and down through the burner stem to dislodge any debris that may impede the flow of air and gas through the stem. Now, run the pipe cleaner through the air intake holes removing the dislodged debris. When using compressed air, cover one of the air intake holes with your finger and blow air down through the burner tip. This will remove debris by forcing it through the burner stem and out of the open air intake hole.


Maintenance and Cleaning of Natural Gas Lanterns

An important part of keeping your lantern in the best condition possible is to conduct regular maintenance and cleaning to help prevent future issues. Periodically the lantern glass will need to be cleaned. Once the lantern has been allowed to cool, clean the glass with a glass cleaner of choice. To clean the copper surface of the lantern, wipe the lantern with a wet cloth. Then apply a mild soap solution such as dishwashing liquid mixed with water to remove any dust, grime, or bird residue. Wipe the lantern again with a clean wet cloth. You can also lubricate hinges and valves.

Once you’ve cleaned your lantern and ensured every part of it is clear of debris, simply relight your gas lantern (manual version) by holding a lighter over the tip and then turning the valve on. How do you adjust the flame on a gas lantern? If the flame doesn’t seem quite right, simply turn the valve until your flame is steady and stable. Lanterns equipped with electronic ignition can be turned on with the flip of a light switch. 


Professional Copper Gas Lantern Repair

If your natural gas lantern still does not seem to be performing as expected, if you are uncertain about any steps, or encounter significant issues, please contact our team at Legendary Lighting. For these more in-depth concerns, it’s best to consult our professionals to ensure proper repair and to maintain safety. We’re standing by, ready to assist you today!


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