Is It Safe to Have Indoor Gas Lanterns?

Gas lanterns have a warm and inviting charm and having one in any indoor space creates a unique ambiance. The timeless quality of gas lanterns makes them ideally suited to adorn and light a variety of indoor spaces. With the uniqueness of gas lanterns in this age of electricity,  many homeowners and designers have questions surrounding the installation and safe use of gas lanterns indoors. After decades in the lighting industry, Legendary Lighting has the experience and expertise to ensure your lighting questions are properly answered. 

FAQs: Indoor Gas Lanterns 

Legendary Lighting is here to put your mind at ease, answering any and all of your questions about safely installing and using gas lanterns indoors


Can you install gas lanterns indoors?

Yes. All natural gas indoor lanterns and propane gas lanterns equipped with either electronic ignition or automatic shutoff valve are C.S.A. Certified to comply with ANSI Standard Z21.42 for indoor or outdoor use.


Do gas lamps produce carbon monoxide?

All gas lanterns emit trace amounts of combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide. However, all gas lanterns designed for interior use are certified per code and follow all regulations, so they are not dangerous or harmful. Simply ensure there is adequate airflow in the areas where you hang or mount your interior gas lanterns. Proper ventilation is a good idea around any gas lantern. You can also install carbon monoxide detectors in the vicinity of the gas lantern to provide early warning of any potential leaks or combustion issues.


Do you leave gas lanterns on all the time?

Legendary Lighting lanterns all comply with ANSI regulations, so you can safely use your gas lantern as much as you like.


Do gas lanterns get hot?

While gas lanterns do get warm to the touch, many companies use tempered glass to ensure any heat is manageable. The lanterns will not get so hot as to become a fire hazard. If you are still concerned about the heat of your lantern, simply choose a location that is away from flammable materials and ensure the lantern is installed according to the instructions so as to avoid accidental tipping or other damage.


Is it safe to have indoor gas lanterns at night?

Yes, you can leave your indoor gas lantern on at night. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the safe operation of any lantern. Gas lantern maintenance is relatively simple. All it takes is a quick inspection to ensure all parts of the lamp are intact and in proper working condition. Also check that the flame is regular and promptly address any issues or malfunctions.


How much does it cost to install gas lanterns?

The cost of installation of indoor gas lanterns depends largely on the company from which you choose to purchase your lamp. You can install many of Legendary’s lanterns yourself. We have clear directions and videos to help you in the process. 

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