Installation Instructions for Natural Gas and Propane Lanterns


Adding natural gas or propane lighting to your home or commercial property can add the perfect finishing touch to your design aesthetic. Installing propane or gas lights provides an inviting and warm ambiance to any indoor or outdoor setting, setting the tone for relaxation and comfort. Our team at Legendary Lighting is here to provide you with a comprehensive gas lantern installation guide to ensure that your new lantern safely, efficiently, and beautifully enhances any space it adorns.


Gas Lantern Installation Instructions for Post Mount Lanterns

An important note to pay special attention to for gas lamp post installation is the minimum clearance from combustible construction, which is 12” at the top and 6” on each side. Make sure that the area you’ve chosen for your gas lamp installation adheres to these clearance guidelines.

  1. Select a suitable post for mounting. If you’re not using a Legendary Lighting unit, make sure that the post you’ve chosen is stable and strong enough to support your lantern’s weight. Also, be sure that the post is firmly set in its foundation so that your post lantern will remain stable and solidly in place.
  2. Configure the gas supply line with the appropriate fitting. You’ll want to attach it to a ¼” flare nut. The gas line needs to have enough space to move up and down to enable the lantern to slide down on the mounting bracket. The best way to make sure you have enough slack in the line is to coil the line in the post.
  3. Assemble the mount to the lantern.
  4. Check for any leaks in the line using a soap solution. If you notice air bubbles appear, shut off the main gas line and tighten all fittings. Do not check this with an open flame. Recheck and continue to tighten until no bubbles appear.
  5. Slide the lantern down onto the post and position it in the correct orientation.
  6. Attach the mounting bracket to the top of the column/post. To avoid rust and weather, it’s best to use brass or rust-resistant #10 hex head self-tapping sheet metal screws.


Installation Instructions for Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount

For wall or ceiling mounted gas light installation, please be sure that you have the proper clearance around your lantern. The minimum clearance from any combustible construction is 12” from the top and  6” from the sides.

  1. Using a mounting hole template or the lantern itself, mark and install the ¼” x 5” hanger bolts (these are supplied in your mounting kit). It’s important to note that if you are mounting on brick, stone, or stucco, masonry anchors may need to be used (these are not supplied in your mounting kit).
  2. Reduce the gas supply line from the exterior wall to a ¼” flex connector or copper tubing.
  3. To allow the hook up of the gas supply line to the ¼” flare fitting located in the wall mounting box of the lantern, make a copper coil using ¼” O.D. copper tubing. Make sure that all hook-ups are made within the width, depth, and height of the lantern mounting box.
  4. Using a soap and water solution, check for any leaks. If bubbles appear, shut off the main gas line and tighten all fittings, then recheck. Continue until no bubbles appear. Very important note: never use an open flame to check for leaks.

To get more detailed instructions or to learn more about how to install gas lanterns, download Legendary Lighting’s complete guide to gas lantern installation.

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