Indoor & Outdoor Copper Lanterns

At Legendary Lighting, our copper lanterns are designed with quality and craftsmanship in mind, and provide a timeless appeal that is simultaneously practical and stylish. Handcrafted right here in the United States, when you purchase a copper lantern from Legendary Lighting, you’ll enjoy the elegance and durability with which our products are synonymous. When you’re searching for the perfect ambient illumination for your indoor or outdoor spaces, browse our wide selection of copper lanterns that reside at the intersection of functionality and beauty!


Why Choose Copper Lighting

Copper is an ideal material for outdoor lighting because it is highly durable and resistant to corrosion caused by salt air, or water exposure, so your copper lantern stays looking new for years to come with minimal maintenance. Copper lanterns have a natural patina that develops over time, giving the lights a unique vintage look while still providing excellent illumination. The light from gas and electric copper lighting casts a warm glow that creates a comfortable and classy ambiance.

If you’re searching for your own customized, signature piece of lighting magic, you’re in the right place. Legendary Lighting copper designs feature finely detailed construction and artistry that you won’t find elsewhere. Each one of our copper lighting lines is crafted with premium copper materials and hand-blown glass, and designed to offer optimum lighting in a wide range of environments. Our designers have selected various patinas that incorporate seamlessly into any design aesthetic. Our signature finishes, which include Natural Copper, Black, Patina Antique, and Verde Green Antique, offer endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own personal style statement. Whether you’re looking for a unique interior accent or an eye-catching exterior lighting solution, Legendary Lighting has something special just waiting for you!  


Illumination with Copper Lanterns from Legendary Lighting

Copper works lighting solutions from Legendary Lighting are a great way to add an extra layer of charm and sophistication to any indoor or outdoor area. 

Our lines of copper lighting solutions offer a little something for everyone. 

Indoor copper lighting options:

  • copper flush ceiling lights
  • copper ceiling pendant
  • copper pipe ceiling light
  • copper pipe light fixture
  • copper led ceiling light
  • mini copper lanterns for small spaces


Copper outdoor lanterns:

  • copper sconces
  • copper porch lights
  • copper landscape lights
  • copper gas lanterns
  • copper outdoor light fixtures
  • copper garden lights
  • copper pathway lights
  • rustic copper pendant light
  • copper wire string lights
  • large copper lanterns

If you’re looking for a timeless way to light up an indoor or outdoor area, consider selecting one of Legendary Lightings’ beautiful copper lanterns! Not only do our copper lanterns offer superior lighting performance but they also require minimal maintenance without losing their luster. Our lanterns are perfect for homeowners who want function and form wrapped into one elegant lighting solution. With our wide array of designs, featuring rustic to classic, our copper lanterns will be sure to complement any existing decor and provide excellent illumination. When you choose one of our stunning copper lantern designs, you will enjoy years of reliable performance and just the right touch of class to any space. Start shopping now with a click!

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