Exterior Gas & Electric Lanterns

When it comes to elevating your curb appeal to the next level, the perfect enhancement is the proper outdoor lighting. Your outdoor lighting can evoke a feeling of modern elegance, an air of antiquity, a rustic and rugged look, and can be the ideal finishing touch to complement any structure’s design.

Once you carefully select the perfect style of copper lantern that will make your outdoor space ooze with ambiance, another important consideration is whether gas outdoor lighting or electric outdoor lighting will best meet your needs. Legendary Lighting is here to share some important aspects about each outdoor lighting solution to help narrow down your decision.

Benefits of Exterior Gas Lanterns

Gas lanterns have the intriguing appeal of a naturally flickering flame, invoking feelings of calm and connection to the earth. The natural lighting cast by outdoor copper gas lanterns is warm and soft, imbuing an ambiance of relaxation and comfort. Gas lighting is uniquely suited to outdoor and semi-enclosed spaces, and can easily be protected from gusting winds with an unobtrusive wind guard. Simplify your lighting needs by selecting a gas lantern that comes equipped with an Electric Ignition which enables the lantern to be controlled by a switch. This offers the ability to set your outdoor lighting on a timer and also relights the lamp if the flame blows out. Legendary Lighting offers Electric Ignition options on our collections so that you don’t have to sacrifice convenience and ease to enjoy the peaceful ambiance of outdoor gas lighting.

Benefits of Electric Exterior Copper Light Fixtures

Electric lanterns are an amazing option for those who are looking for ease of use and bright lighting. Outdoor electric lanterns offer an easily-installed lighting solution for homes or properties that can utilize existing electric lines. As opposed to the warm glow cast by gas lanterns, electric lanterns provide a variety of brighter outdoor light options such as incandescent, LED, or fluorescent lights. Besides beautifully lighting any structure or property, outdoor electric lighting also delivers on affordability and longevity.

Best Copper Outdoor Light Fixtures

From antique copper exterior light fixtures to modern copper outdoor lighting options, Legendary Lighting has spent years honing our collections to ensure that we have a wide range of styles to complement every outdoor living space. Add a touch of classic elegance with our Atlas collection; a strong and rugged feel with our Equestrian line; or evoke days gone by with a State Street vintage copper lantern.

When you browse our exterior copper lights for sale online, you’ll find a variety of mounting options to best fit your space:

  • Copper outdoor hanging lanterns
  • Copper outdoor wall sconces
  • Exterior copper post lights
  • Copper patina outdoor lighting
  • Copper lamp posts
  • Copper exterior wall lights
  • Ceiling mounted copper lanterns
  • And more!

Each of our American handcrafted outdoor copper lighting collections is available with a selection of finishes to enhance the space your lantern will adorn. Our finishes are carefully crafted to blend seamlessly into your aesthetic: Natural Copper, Black, Patina Antique, or Verde Green Antique.

If you’re looking for copper outdoor lanterns that are both stylish and built to last, Legendary Lighting is the perfect choice. Our lanterns are crafted from high-quality copper that will stand up to the elements year after year. Our collections are offered in both gas and electric, offering you endless lighting solutions that always deliver on quality, durability, and function. Shop our gas and electric outdoor copper lighting solutions today and give your property the perfect functional adornment!

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