Timeless classical style has always been a trademark of the Mediterranean region. The Grecian Collection from Legendary Lighting captures the romance of the legends in which each lantern is named. These elegant designs are sure to enhance the beauty of modern architecture found in today’s timeless treasures.

The Grecian Collection Gas/Electric Lanterns


The Grecian collection from Legendary Lighting is a compilation of original designs that capture the passion of early Greece enchantment: Glorifying the goddesses who enhanced the environments around the, the Grecian collection resonates with all things beautiful and timeless. The collection reflects each Legendary Lighting series, while significantly enhancing elegance, beauty and prominence to every architectural style it adorns. The bold, spinning finials ascend from classically designed lantern bodies, giving residential, commercial and custom applications an exquisite air that brings enchantment to each space it embellishes.
Each series in the Grecian collection, just most of the Legendary Lighting collections, is C.S.A. Certified, complying with ANSI Standard Z.21.42 for indoor or outdoor use. The Grecian collection is available in natural gas, propane or electronic configurations. Our electronic choices, which are UL Approved for dry, wet or damp locations, include single-bulb Edison base, CFLs, and two-bulb or three-bulb candelabra clusters. Both natural gas and propane lanterns are available with an optional, state-of-the-art Electronic Ignition system which controls the lantern’s ignition by a light switch or photocell timer. Our tested and reliable Electronic Ignition system allows owners to easily control their lantern’s burn time and cut costs to have a product that is not only impressive but sustainable as well.
The Grecian collection is divided into three parts paralleling each individual Legendary Lighting series. Each series in the Grecian collection carries the same attributes as its counterpart, yet holds an even more dignified, exquisite air; The three series within the Grecian are the Diana, Iris and Vesta.


The Diana is a direct reflection of the Atlas, both bringing forth endurance and light. The Diana is a perfect complement for hip, gabled and shed roof lines. The four sided, tapered design topped with a smooth spinning altogether imply recognition. The Diana is a traditional, antiquated design that transitions today’s residences into timeless treasures.

The next series in the Grecian collection is the Iris; Echoing the expansive, hearty design of the Apollo, the Iris perfects these wide angles and with a spinning final, it adds defined character. Complementing cross gabled roof lines, broad columns and any oculus or transom architectural structure, the Iris magnifies beauty and strength to any space it adorns.

The final series of the Grecian collection is the Vesta. Paralleling the linear, towering composition of the Vulcan, the Vesta refines clean lines with a spinning final addition that distinguishes it from the ordinary. Adorning narrow areas between garage doors, columns or slender gateways, the Vesta creates a profound statement within a tight space.

All of our Legendary Lighting collections come in three standard sizes. The first, smallest size I is perfect for adorning an 8’ door and makes a profound welcoming statement as a post or column mount lantern illuminating a path or gateway. The medium size II effortlessly enhances a 12’ entryway and conveys a much bolder statement perfectly. The largest size III is our estate sized lantern; its grand size and scale is well suited for an estate of refined elegance.
All of our gas and electric lanterns are available in post, column, wall or hanging mounts. The Grecian collection is available in four wall mounting options: A standard solid copper mount designed for a flush finish (which suits coastal climates perfectly), our E-Z mount steel bracket, a wall mount yoke, or for a more ornate look, an iron Victorian bracket. For hanging options, we offer a variety of length chain or yoke to extend proportionately to accentuate any space. For our ceiling mounts we offer a robust iron yoke mount or half-yoke mount, both reinforced for wind-stress and also a copper chain (only available in electric versions). To further prevent wind-stress, we have a patented Wind Guard to protect the flame from being extinguished in applications where Electronic Ignition cannot be utilized.
The Grecian collection from Legendary Lighting combines fine craftsmanship and durable designs, capturing the enchantment found in the ancient Mediterranean. Whether choosing the Diana, Iris or Vesta, the Grecian collection brings forth a look that is more than just beautiful and timeless, it’s legendary.

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