Antique Copper Lantern

When you’re searching high and low for that perfect final touch, consider antique copper lanterns. These are timeless pieces from Legendary Lighting that add both charm and functionality to a wide range of interior and exterior spaces. Steeped in history and American craftsmanship, these lanterns are highly sought after due to their lasting durability and exquisite style. For commercial property owners and homeowners alike, antique copper light fixtures could be the ideal lighting solution!


Best Antique Copper Lighting Solutions 

Antique copper scones and antique copper flush mount lighting are just a few of the options you’ll have from the design styles inspired by a rich heritage from architectural periods such as that of the Colonial and Victorian ages. At Legendary Lighting, the exacting details are handcrafted by skilled artisans who deliver unique pieces with quality and impeccable aesthetics. Plus, you’ll be left with a lighting solution that lasts and is made right here in the United States.


Types of Antique Copper Lanterns

When you shop for copper lanterns in antique styles, you’ll have a variety of options, each with their own purpose. With the various styles, you’ll find a copper antique lantern designed specifically for every indoor or outdoor space.

Hanging lanterns: Hanging from porch beams, these lanterns create a warm, inviting ambiance for any outdoor patio, screened porch, or entryway.

Antique copper outdoor wall light: These are typically attached to walls by front doors, to highlight specific architectural features of a building’s design, or as functional lighting solutions outside doors.

Antique wall sconces: Affixed to interior walls, copper sconces add a touch of old-world charm to your indoor spaces.

Post lanterns antique-style: These antique lamps are often placed on posts or columns at entrances, driveways, or walkways, providing illumination and enhancing curb appeal.

Antique copper ceiling light: The perfect touch of functional lighting combined with the style of days gone by.

Antique copper pendant light fixtures: Suspended from ceilings, pendant antique lights are ideal for a kitchen island, bar, or as a natural room divider.

Antique copper finish rectangular crystal chandelier: Ideal for interiors that require the fusion of vintage and modern, these chandeliers provide ambient lighting with a punch of style that delivers!


Benefits of Antique Copper Lanterns from Legendary Lighting

Legendary Lighting proudly delivers exceptional copper lighting solutions for exterior and interior settings that are all made right here in America. When you choose an antique lighting solution from Legendary, you’ll be gaining a wide range of benefits from your lighting choice!

Timeless Aesthetics: Our antique copper lanterns provide enduring beauty and elegance for a wide range of architectural styles.

Durability: Our premium copper is known for its corrosion resistance and durability. Antique copper lanterns can withstand the elements and age gracefully indoors and outdoors alike.

Warm and Ambient Lighting: Antique copper lanterns are known for their warm and inviting glow. When you want just the right touch to deliver style and ambiance in any indoor or outdoor setting, Legendary Lighting copper lanterns create the ideal environment.

Browse our selection of antique copper lanterns today and we know you’ll find exactly what you’ve always dreamed of!

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