Copper Outdoor Porch Lights

If you’re currently on the hunt for the perfect outdoor lighting for your porch, patio, deck, or garden, you know well that there are a million and one options to choose from. That leaves many property owners wondering, “How do I choose an outdoor lighting solution?” We’re glad you asked because Legendary Lighting has an outdoor lighting system that remains unrivaled. Our popular gas and electric copper lanterns adorn homes, shopping malls, neighborhoods, commercial establishments, and other properties across the United States. For landscape and outdoor lighting that serves both form and function, look no further than Legendary Lighting.


How to Choose Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

When choosing outdoor lights, you have many options to choose from and that leaves many property owners wondering, “What is the best outdoor lighting?” After decades of serving our valued clients and helping them select the best lighting solutions, Legendary Lighting has put together a few tips and factors to consider when choosing outdoor lights to help you make an informed decision. 

  • Understand your style and design preferences: antique, modern, traditional, rustic, and so forth
  • Select the right size and scale
  • Choose a finish/patina
  • Determine your lighting goals and required lighting type: ambient, task, accent, spotlight, motion
  • Decide on a bulb type: gas or electric (take into consideration your power source and its proximity to your lighting placement)
  • Pick a mounting style: wall, post, hanging
  • Check for outdoor rating, weather resistance, and durability
  • Learn more about required maintenance 
  • Consider cost and budget
  • Evaluate installation needs: do-it-yourself or professional?
  • Check for Dark Sky compliance
  • Inquire about Smart lighting
  • Review warranty information and durability
  • Investigate brand reputation


Custom Outdoor Copper Gas and Electric Lanterns

By taking these factors into account when selecting your outdoor lighting, you’ll ensure that you will end up with lighting that both seamlessly integrates into your property’s aesthetics as well as meets your specific lighting needs. Legendary Lighting gas and electric copper lanterns offer everything you could possibly desire from outdoor lighting. Our lanterns are all American-made, handcrafted copper that offers resilience in any weather condition and unrivaled beauty. Our designs complement every aesthetic from modern to traditional and require minimal maintenance. Our gas lanterns come equipped with easy ignition and flame protectant so that you have the option of an easily powered outdoor lighting solution that avoids extending power lines all over your property. 

Copper Outdoor Landscape Lighting

From hanging lights and wall mounts to lamp post lanterns and everything in between, we have an incredibly extensive selection of outdoor lighting including but not limited to:

  • copper deck lights
  • firefly bunch lights 
  • hammered copper wall sconce
  • copper led landscape lighting
  • copper outdoor lantern lights
  • copper outdoor garden lights
  • copper string lights
  • rustic copper outdoor chandeliers
  • copper outdoor ceiling light
  • copper gooseneck exterior light
  • copper post lantern
  • copper wall lights outdoor
  • copper outdoor gas lanterns
  • copper garden lanterns
  • copper exterior lantern
  • copper gooseneck barn light
  • copper barn lights outdoor
  • copper lamp post light
  • copper motion sensor light
  • copper porch light fixtures
  • copper outdoor hanging light
  • Vintage copper outdoor porch lights
  • Modern copper outdoor porch lights
  • Black copper outdoor porch lights
  • vintage copper outdoor lighting
  • real copper outdoor lighting
  • solid copper outdoor wall lights
  • Much, much more! 

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